Gordonramsay's App APPROVED!

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Gordonramsay's App APPROVED!

Post  gordonramsay on Mon Feb 14, 2011 12:19 pm

I'm sure Elliot has already introduced me...

anyways, here is a formal app

ngame Name: Gordonramsay, Aquaregia
Age: 25
Where are you from: Houston Tx
Level Ingame (level does not matter about joining): 108x2
Favourite Ship Line/Nation: IJN/US
How Did you Hear About us: Elliot drugged me and did things to me. He said that if I didn't send my app in he would rape me.
Were you referred by a member of TWS (and who): Elliot2lazy
Who do you know in TWS: Elliot2lazy
Past Accounts: None
Past Fleets: RR, Redsky, TreasureTrove(AZ), GOD, Scoundrels(my fleet)
Have you played on other servers: AZ for a time
Do you have any relatives that play Navyfield, and if so, who are they (usernames): no
How Long have you Been playing: 2+ years
How long of your playing time have you been "inactive" from the game? inactive for about a few months, but not done with the game
How often do you play: grind time= all the time. no grind time= 1 or 2 games every week. HA prep/def= All the time
Have you ever been banned from Navyfield or it's forums: Once for insulting Iyoung.
Have you logged onto our Teamspeak before and chatted with TWS members. Installing it.

Still working on the logo for you guys. I'm sure Elliots forwarded the email to you M16.

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Re: Gordonramsay's App APPROVED!

Post  Elliot2lazy on Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:36 pm

Welcome Gordonramsay to The Wandering Souls. I'm glad your apart of the team again. Get on TS/vent more and play more Approved!

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