Teler13 Application. ACCEPTED

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Teler13 Application. ACCEPTED

Post  teler13 on Sun Feb 20, 2011 8:23 am

Ingame Name: teler13.
Age: 16.
Where are you from: Michigan
Level Ingame (level does not matter about joining): US: 114 UK: 97
Favourite Ship Line/Nation: US. BB.
How Did you Hear About us: Ko1078.
Were you referred by a member of TWS (and who): Yes, Ko1078.
Who do you know in TWS: Was in GoD with Elliot, Gordan, M16, Ko.
Past Accounts: Shared Bobmarino12 with my brother, Sharing genuinebobby with him at the moment.
Past Fleets: Blackfleet, Triads, Gundragons, Ukh, God.
Have you played on other servers: No.
Do you have any relatives that play Navyfield, and if so, who are they (usernames): My brother genuinebobby. He is not playing at the moment.
How Long have you Been playing: 2007-09-28.
How long of your playing time have you been "inactive" from the game? Probably 2 years of combined periods.
How often do you play: 2-4 hours weekdays. Usually longer during weekends.
Have you ever been banned from Navyfield or it's forums: Nope.
Have you logged onto our Teamspeak before and chatted with TWS members? No.

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Re: Teler13 Application. ACCEPTED

Post  Elliot2lazy on Sun Feb 20, 2011 10:19 am

Ya dude I'm glad you decided to apply up with ex god members. Welcome to the forums your approved!

Fine ko1078, m16champ, or myself ingame depending if you want to be in main fleet or ko1078's squad.

(ko1078) i already brought him in

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