Ussak1 app *Accepted*

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Ussak1 app *Accepted*

Post  USSAK1 on Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:12 pm

Ingame Name:ussak1
Where are you from: on, canada
Level Ingame (level does not matter about joining):115
Favourite Ship Line/Nation:germany
How Did you Hear About us: large fleet and well known
Were you referred by a member of TWS (and who):
Who do you know in TWS: nobody
Past Accounts:none
Past Fleets: ftw way back seakreig and last one knights of templer all disbanded fleets
Have you played on other servers:no
Do you have any relatives that play Navyfield, and if so, who are they (usernames):no
How Long have you Been playing:4 yrs
How long of your playing time have you been "inactive" from the game?here and there not often usually have prem account
How often do you play:everyday 1-2 hrs
Have you ever been banned from Navyfield or it's forums:no
Have you logged onto our Teamspeak before and chatted with TWS members? no but will

Also would like to join to meet some new peeps and to learn and get better

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Re: Ussak1 app *Accepted*

Post  Spitfire_393 on Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:16 pm

ooo another canadian, accepted, find M16 or me in game to get in

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